Zoning in Old City South


 The Old City South neighborhood contains six zoning areas. These are Historic Preservation One (HP-1), Historic Preservation Two (HP-2), Historic Preservation Four (HP-4), Residential Single-Family One (RS-1), Residential General One (RG-1) and Planned Unit Development (PUD). The area of Old City South zoned as “Historic Preservation” is found in the northern 2/3rds of the neighborhood. The Historic Preservation area of Old City South is bordered on the north by King Street and on the south by San Salvador Street.”

Zoning Map of Old City South – Source: Zoning Map South of Castillo Drive Updated August 2015 – City of St. Augustine Documents Center. Disclaimer: This map is for reference only and is not to be construed as a survey or legal document. Data provided are derived from multiple sources with varying levels of accuracy. The City of St. Augustine and Old City South Neighborhood Association disclaim all responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the data shown hereon.

Map Legend – Source: Zoning Map Entire City Updated August 2015 – City of St. Augustine Documents Center

Synopsis of Permitted Uses by Zone in Old City South:

Here is a list of the permitted land uses in each zone found in Old City South. In addition to the permitted uses, each zone has a separate list of “uses by exception”. Approval of a “use by exception” for a property is done on a case by case basis through petition to the CoSA Planning and Zoning Board. Follow the link below to the St. Augustine Municipal Code Chapter 28 for a specific list of uses by exception for each of the zones below.

Source – ‘The Old City Zoning Workbook – A Guide to Creating Zoning Overlay Districts’, The City of St. Augustine Planning and Building Department


  1. Historic Preservation One (HP-1) (CoSA Muni Code Sec. 28-183) Permitted Uses:
  • Single-family dwellings
  • Accessory apartments


  1. Historic Preservation Two (HP-2) (CoSA Muni Code Sec. 28-184) Permitted Uses:
  • Single-family dwellings
  • Multiple-family dwellings
  • Tourist homes and bed and breakfast inns
  • Professional and business offices
  • Rooming and boarding houses
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Retail sales
  • Service establishments
  • Museums
  • Housing for the elderly
  • Home office, private


  1. Historic Preservation Four (HP-4) (CoSA Muni Code Sec. 28-186)  Permitted Uses:
  • Museums
  • Colleges, schools and universities
  • Professional and business offices
  • Retail sales
  • Service establishments


  1. Residential Single Family One (RS-1) (CoSA Muni Code Sec. 28-161) Permitted Uses:
  • Single-family dwellings
  • Home office, private


  1. Residential General One (RG-1) (CoSA Muni Code Sec. 28-163) Permitted Uses:
  • Single-family dwellings
  • Multiple-family dwellings
  • Housing for the elderly
  • Rooming houses and boarding houses
  • Home office, private
  • Tourist homes and bed and breakfast inns
  • Neighborhood recreational facility
  • Accessory apartments


  1. Planned Unit Development (PUD) (CoSA Muni Code Sec. 28-286) Permitted Uses:
  • Any use which complies with the comprehensive plan


Streets and Zoning Designations in Old City South

Artillery Lane                       HP-2

Avenida Menendez             HP-1, HP-2, PUD

Aviles Street                        HP-1, HP-2

Bonita Bay Drive                  PUD

Bravo Lane                          HP-2

Bridge Street                        HP-1, HP-2, PUD

Cadiz Street                          HP-2

Charlotte Place                     RS-1

Charlotte Street                    HP-1, HP-2, RS-1

Cordova Street                     HP-1, HP-2, HP-4, RS-1

Hedrick Street                       RS-1

King Street                            HP-2

Marine Street                        HP-1, HP-2, RS-1, RG-1

Palm Row                              HP-1, HP-2

San Salvador Street              HP-1, RS-1

South Street                          RS-1, PUD

St. Francis Street                  HP-1

St. George Street                  HP-1, HP-2, RS-1

Tremerton Place                    RS-1

Tremerton Street                   RS-1


Short Term Rentals in Old City South

Short term rentals are specifically regulated in two of the zones in Old City South. (CoSA Muni Code Sec. 28-159) Specifically, properties in areas zoned as RS-1 (and RS-2) must register with the city on registration forms provided by the city for that purpose. Registration of short term rental units in RS-1 is done at the offices of the:

City of St. Augustine Planning and Building Dept., City Hall, 75 King Street, Lobby-B 4th Floor.

Properties in RS-1 may not rent with a frequency of more than one stay every seven (7) days. The stay may, however, be for a duration less than seven days. Additionally, large gatherings, defined as gatherings of more than twenty (20) people, are prohibited in short term rental units in RS-1.

Rentals are also regulated for properties in areas zoned as HP-1 (CoSA Muni Code Sec. 28-183 (2) b.). Properties in HP-1 may not rent with a frequency of more than one stay every thirty (30) days, though a stay may be for a duration less than thirty days.


Links Related To Zoning in St. Augustine

The following are links to downloadable .pdfs or relevant Municipal Code sections on the City of St. Augustine website related to zoning in St. Augustine in general and Old City South in particular:

A .pdf download of the full ‘Zoning Map South of Castillo Updated August 2015’ excerpted above:


 A .pdf download of the full ‘Zoning Map Entire City Updated August 2015 from which the map legend above was excerpted:


Specific information about zoning in St. Augustine and the intent of each zoning area can be found in the St. Augustine Municipal Code: Chapter 28 – Zoning. Here is a link to the applicable sections of the Municipal Code pertaining to zoning:


A .pdf download of the Old City South Zoning Workbook referenced above:


A .pdf download of the CoSA Tenant and Resident Information Brochure which details rules and regulations affecting residents and renters. Contact information is given for departments which have specific jurisdiction concerning various issues relating to living in St. Augustine.


CoSA Ordinance 2010-24 regulating Short Term Rentals:

Download CoSA Ordinance 2010-24 here

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